I know I haven’t blogged in a while and so I wanted to share some of the ways I use my pressure cooker. I use my pressure cooker usually to cook different kinds of beans and grains.  I then use them to add nutrition and flavor to my recipes.  It is quite easy to place […]

I didn’t know much about pressure cookers until about 2 years ago.  And since I now have one, it has changed my way of cooking. It would be great to know if you are die hard users of pressure cooker’s or are just interested and looking for information. I would love to hear what you […]

I wanted to do something I had on hand for some of the first posts on this blog, and so I used 3 pounds of chicken that were just itching to be put in the pressure cooker. For Christmas my DH bought me a PC recipe book to compliment the PC he bought me for […]

 Tonight’s dinner was wonderful.  I first prepared brown rice in the pressure cooker (PC), then I make a delicious Lemon, Garlic, and Herb Chicken also in the PC.  The post for that recipe will be coming soon.  So stay posted. Dinner time I purchased a 1 pound bag of brown rice, which usually equates to […]

WELCOME!   Hello.  My name is Kaylene and I have just discovered the wonderful world of PRESSURE COOKING! I was watching some cooking shows (because I love cooking shows as well as cooking) and found some really interesting recipes and uses for pressure cookers.   So, I was showing them to my dear husband, AND… lo […]